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MatrixALM and MatrixQMS 2.2

22-Jan-2020 - arnaud

Matrix Requirements is happy to announce the version 2.2 of MatrixALM and MatrixQMS.

The new release introduces many new features and improvements. The most important are:

  • A fresh and smooth design to make the use of Matrix even easier than before.
  • A notification system with automatic notifications created when Matrix users have specific tasks to perform (signatures, review,..). This feature can also be used to manually create some tasks between users.
  • The system now indicates that other users are looking at the same item. Once one person starts editing, the item will be read-only for others and updated once it is saved.
  • New dashboards are available to have quick overview of the test executions, traceability, notifications, or reviews but also your personalized dashboard with all the work assigned to you
  • The review module got improved to include inline annotations for the reviewed items.
  • The possibility to create multiple risk layers within the same project allowing you to make different configurations of your risk analysis for your product (e.g. for research and development vs production risks).
  • A group management feature, giving you the opportunity to create groups of users to faster assign, select, manage access, or notify a group of users.
  • PDFs from external sources can now be easily signed within Matrix by adding a signature page to it.
  • In MatrixQMS, you can also manage the training of all your employees regarding internal processes and work instructions.
  • In MatrixQMS, you can add other publishable layers than traditional PROC and WI layers.


and this is only a high summary of the changes, to see all the changes belonging to this version, feel free to download the 2.2 Release Notes

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