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Matrix Requirements Medical 1.5

26-Mar-2015 -

Matrix Requirements announces Version 1.5 of Matrix Requirement Medical.
This release has many new features and improvements and is introducing Variants
With Variants you can now document different variants of your product in the same project, reusing the common requirements or specifications, and defining specific elements for the different product variants. An example would be product which has different packaging or shelf life requirements in the US versus Europe.
Examples of Variations used by our customers during beta testing:

  • FDA and CE markets. A lot of requirements are common (it's the same basic product) but labeling and intended use are different. Some requirements, specifications and tests are specific to the US market and to the CE marked product. OTC (over the counter) or Professional ‐ if you sell a medical product with different intended use depending on the distribution channel and intended audience.
  • Smoke ‐ Regression ‐ General tests: Quickly select a list of tests that are all over the place in the tree, but have in common the fact that they are smoke tests (to be done early) or regression tests (to be done last).
  • Releases ‐ Define different versions. Now you can generate the whole documentation for each release, and re‐use all the common requirements, specifications, tests.

Possibilities are endless and make the whole documentation process much simpler when you are in a situation involving a variant.
The whole elements tree is filtered with the click of a button to only show the relevant items to a particular variant.
All documents can be produced with a given set of variants, including traceability reports and Design History Files documents.



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