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Stop printing for your V&V testing!

06-May-2019 - arnaud

Testing is crucial in a Medical Device development. Traditional approaches to Validation & Verification (V&V) are quite often slow and inefficient. Preparing big documents, maintaining them, printing the test protocols, distributing them among the testers, encoding the results digitally,.. give cold sweats to anyone experiencing this part of the development of a medical device.

With modern SW tools, we can manage testing of a large number of requirements, with multiple test cycles spread among the team, assuring an up-to-date traceability between all this information. Using these tools you can manage the full V&V testing paperless. At the end, all your documentation can be generated with a few clicks.

The webinar, in collaboration with Sunstone pilot, illustrates this flexible paperless approach with examples and clear workflows using the MatrixALM application, presented by a panel of software and process experts.



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