Matrix Requirements is hiring!
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Matrix Requirements is hiring!

We are looking for the best talents to join our R&D, QA, sales and marketing teams.

You’ll be working from home but not alone - you are part of a team! We try to keep meetings to a minimum but stay connected using slack and zoom (we did that even before you know what - and it always worked great). As we still have the genes of a startup, we don’t give much about hierarchies or bureaucrazy.

We expect you to be fascinated by the medical device market as it’s what we love and what we are proud of supporting. Our customers are heavily regulated companies, so we strive for the best quality. We want our customers to be more productive and bring their innovation to the market faster and we get out of our way to help them do that. Therefore no matter what your position is, you need to be ready to talk to them, to understand their needs and help them to achieve their goals.

No matter what your job will be, you need some soft skills:

  • Be capable and willing to work from home
  • Be social and communicative (we are still a team!)
  • Pay attention to details and take responsibility

We have multiple positions open right now:

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